A Film In Paradise

Imagine going here to watch a film. It would be magical, especially with the right kind of film. ‘Film On The Rocks Yao Noi’ was held on March 9th to the 13th, 2012, and the organisers asked Ole Scheeren, a German architect, to design the auditorium. He had this to say about the request:

“Being taken to such an absurdly beautiful place in the world, its obviousness is the first dilemma that you’re facing. When you look around and everything is so perfect that there’s absolutely nothing you can do [to improve it], and everything you do is immediately nearly a crime… I thought the least – but also the most – I could do was, in a fairly gentle way, to just put people onto the water. Let people float in this amazing ocean, this dramatic space in the middle of that lagoon on Kudu Island”. (Tank Magzine)

It looks so beautiful, and didn’t really need much more to make it a perfect setting for any event. (Images have links).



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