Bulgaria 2012 Part 1

I have finally got the photos of our trip to Bulgaria from my boyfriend’s camera. There are so many photographs I won’t be able to post them all (and I also don’t want to bore you with so many similar photographs). The photo above is the gorgeous, warm Black Sea, and golden sands right outside our hotel. The photo below is the view from our hotel room.

There were loads of horses and carts on the resort as a way of getting around, and also just for fun.

Our first cocktails of the holiday, Tropical Zombie and Long Island Iced Tea. The bartenders at our hotel didn’t know how to make any of the cocktails they advertised, so we had to find a bar. We had a few more cocktails later on, but three days after that, I drank too much and was hungover the next day! Needless to say, I wasn’t that into drinking cocktails after that.


Varna was the nearest city to our resort and was one of the excursions we had booked. It is the third biggest city in Bulgaria, and has a population of 334,900, which is half the number of people living in Glasgow, the UK’s third biggest city. It was very different to what I’d expected it to be like, but there was some beautiful architecture, and was a great experience. Below are some photos of  the Orthodox Cathedral we visited. I don’t have any photos of the inside because we’d have had to pay, but it was decorated with many bright paintings (not the originals).

There was a contrast between the bright, newly painted buildings and the old, paint-stripped buildings.


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