Valentino Accessories Spring 2013

Not only are the products amazing, especially the yellow studded bag and the black studded bags, I also love the composition in the photography. Only makes me want them more!

Source – Valentino found via Street Style Pit Stop

13580-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13581-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13582-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13583-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13584-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13585-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13586-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13587-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13588-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13589-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13590-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13591-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13592-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13593-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13594-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13595-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13596-women-s-accessories-spring-2013 13597-women-s-accessories-spring-2013


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