Preen Resort 2014

Preen’s Resort 2014 collection is beautiful!

Images from Vogue, via ilovewildfox.

preen-resort2014-runway-02_13553898557 preen-resort2014-runway-01_135537400091 preen-resort2014-runway-04_13553915638 preen-resort2014-runway-07_135542784322 preen-resort2014-runway-08_135543554002 preen-resort2014-runway-09_135544240000 preen-resort2014-runway-11_135546653912 preen-resort2014-runway-13_135548612501 preen-resort2014-runway-14_135549416654 preen-resort2014-runway-16_135550316056 preen-resort2014-runway-20_135554851862 preen-resort2014-runway-22_135556612888 preen-resort2014-runway-23_135557691493


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