Undercover SS14

marc0019-450x6751 (1) marc0046-450x675 marc0066-450x6752 marc0076-450x675 marc0095-450x675 marc0107-450x675 marc0145-450x6751 marc0157-450x675 marc0172-450x6752 marc0219-450x6751 marc0253-450x675 marc0275-450x675 marc0287-450x6751 marc0305-450x6751 marc0346-450x6751 marc0378-450x675 marc0489-450x6751 marc0496-450x675 marc0505-450x675 marc0519-450x675 marc0531-450x675 marc0537-450x675

I’ve never heard of Undercover, but this collection is pretty badass (; I especially love the glow in the dark text.
Source – kayneandabel


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