Wes Anderson

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i-D recently posted a cute little list of 20 steps to take to make your life more like a Wes Anderson movie:

1. Always walk in slo-mo, ideally in a gang.

2. Have a uniform or a standard outfit that you wear every single day.

3. Be deadpan.

4. Dance awkwardly.

5. Only ever engage in complicated love affairs.

6. Don’t speak often. When you do, make sure you say something beautiful.

7. Come up with wildly ridiculous plans in great detail.

8. Soundtrack your life with ’60s pop and/or classical music.

9. Be part of a large family.

10. Do an impressive amount of travelling.

11. When it comes to fonts, use nothing but Futura Grand.

12. Make your instagram filter of choice Walden.

13. Be eccentric.

14. Face death and deal with it.

15. Befriend Bill Murray.

16. Dabble with suicide.

17. Say goodbye to mp3s – your record player is your new best friend.

18. Cut everything in half. Stand back and appreciate the cross-section.

19. Be childish – run away, build forts, live in treehouses.

20. Make lists. Read them out loud.


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