Au Jour Le Jour Resort 2014

477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour3 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour1 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour6 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour7 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour8 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour9 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour11 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour15 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour18 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour20 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour21 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour23 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour27 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour28 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour29 477x650-resort-au-jour-le-jour32

Seriously cute/quirky/pretty collection by Au Jour Le Jour. My favourite pieces are the lil denim shorts with the dinosaurs on and the long, pink, glittery dress.


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